Let’s Take It To The Next Level

If you’re an experienced CrossFitter looking for help in raising your game, then you’ve come to the right place. Have you have recently moved to the area and need to find a new Box? Are you looking for something more than your current gym is offering? Or have you just heard about how awesome CrossFit Muscle Yard is and wanted to try it out?

Whatever the reason, we are excited you have chosen to give us a try. We love having experienced CrossFitters like yourself join our community. It fires us up as coaches and inspires the other athletes.

As an experienced CrossFitter, we know that you have probably done enough WODS and it is now time to really focus on your goals and start taking your training to the next level. We’ll help you set big goals and then push you all the way until you reach them. We’ll give you all the help and advice you’ll need on Training, Nutrition and Supplementation. And we’ll introduce you to CrossFitters at the same level as you to keep you motivated and competitive.

CrossFit Muscle Yard isn’t for you if:

You are a complainer and moan about working out.

You think you know best and don’t want to learn.

You don’t want to make new friends and training partners.

You have an ego. Leave that at the door, come train, get great results and have some fun.

CrossFit Muscle Yard is for you if:

You want and like to train, not just exercising because you think you should.

You are coachable, meaning you’re ready to listen and apply what you learn.

You want to meet and workout with new friends and make others feel welcome.

You want to get stronger, fitter and improve the way you look.


Experienced CrossFitters trying out Crossfit Muscle Yard for the first time are welcome to come in for a drop-in session free of charge.

Simply fill out the form and our head coach will be in touch to discuss your fitness goals, find out exactly what you want to achieve, answer any questions you might have and arrange the best time for you to come in.


That’s great, we love that level of dedication. Rob likes to speak to everyone who wants to join so he can get to know you and make sure we are the best fit for you and you are a good fit for our gym.

Just let him know on the call and we’ll get you all set up. Come on, let’s get this started!





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