Getting Started Is Easier Than You Think And You’ll Start Seeing Results Fast

Your preconceived ideas of CrossFit Muscle Yard are probably wrong. It’s not full of well-built blokes looking at themselves in the mirror while doing bicep curls. And on your first session you won’t be ordered to do 100 pull-ups and lift massive weights that are too heavy for you. There would be no benefit for either of us to make you feel anything less than comfortable when working out. You belong here and we want to show you that.

What you will find is high-class coaches working with motivated groups of people just like you to shed fat, get lean and build muscle. And the early days will be the most rewarding, because by following our advice you will quickly see your excess body fat start to fall off and you’ll surge past the goals you’ve struggled to reach in the past.

CrossFit Muscle Yard is for you if:

You want to train and not just exercise because you think you should

You are coachable, meaning you’re ready to listen and apply what you learn

You want to meet and workout with new friends and make others feel welcome

You want to get stronger, fitter and improve the way you look

CrossFit Muscle Yard isn’t for you if:

You are a complainer and moan about working out

You think you know best and don’t want to learn.

You don’t want to make new friends and training partners.

You have an ego. Leave that at the door, come train, get great results and have some fun.


CrossFit Muscle Yard’s fundamentals program costs only £34.99, By signing up you will:

  • A highly experienced coach taking you through everything you need to know.
  • 3 comprehensive training sessions over a 1 week period
  • Learn all the fundamental movements required for rapid fat loss and muscle growth.
  • Meet and train with people with the same goals passion as you.
  • A supportive community to help you on your journey so your never alone
  • Build the foundation for your long-term fitness success.

And after completing the Fundamentals Program, you will be able to join our main CrossFit Program and attend any of our main sessions.

The program starts on a Tuesday. You must attend all 3 sessions to complete the course. If for any reason you can’t complete all 3 sessions, speak to your coach and you may be able to complete it on a later course or do a one on one session for an extra cost to bring you up to speed. The sessions are on:

Tuesday 7.30 pm
Thursday 7.30 pm
Saturday 11.00 am

Simply fill out the form and one of our senior team will be in touch to discuss your fitness goals, answer your questions and arrange the best time for you to start your training.

Come on, let’s get this started!

If you cant make any of those sessions we also offer a one to one fundamentals program for just £89, get in touch for more info.



What do you want to achieve most from joining CrossFit Muscle Yard?