CrossFit Muscle Yard is owned and run by Rob Barber – a personal trainer, body transformation coach, nutritionist and qualified CrossFit instructor.

Now established as one of the top fitness professionals in the area, Rob puts his continued success down to having extensively studied and tested dozens of different training regimes.

And after all his years in the business, he came to one simple conclusion – the CrossFit method is the best way to shed the flab, build muscle and get fit.

He explains: “I know the struggle that many of my clients are going through because I have been there myself. There was a time when I was overweight and when nothing I did at the gym seemed to shift it.

“It wasn’t until I started using the methods, techniques and principles at the heart of CrossFit that I really got myself lean and got the body I had always dreamed of.  (Check out the “What is CrosssFit?” page)

CrossFit aligns perfectly with Rob’s belief of what good health and exercise is – using weights and bodyweight workouts to achieve a lean physique, coupled with eating the right way.

It is a method he has been using successfully with scores of clients to lose weight and get in shape for several years at gyms in Essex as well as his own online training programme, Coach Me Lean.

He said: “I wasn’t into sport at school and I was brought up on rubbish food. I was a fat kid. And as I got older, I enjoyed going out clubbing a lot more than anything fitness related.

“I went through phases of going to the gym but, like so many who workout alone without proper guidance and support, it was ineffective.”

The change finally came after Rob took up MMA and adopted the CrossFit ideals during an intensive training camp.

He adds: “I started lifting more weights and was shown how to do it properly. I was also eating much better food and because I was working out with a group of people, we were all there to help and encourage one another. It was a really good vibe.

“They were really good times. It got me back in the swing of things and I fell in love with that way of working out and getting fit.”

Rob had his first MMA fight in Thailand and won several more semi-pro bouts in England before turning professional – and that’s where CrossFit crossed his path once more.

“A guy who owned a local CrossFit box wanted to sponsor me and become my strength and conditioning coach,” he adds. “That really helped my game and allowed me to focus on strength and building muscle.

“The effectiveness of CrossFit was so clear and that’s why I know for certain that those methods will be successful for my clients.

“It has become my passion,” he says. “I realised that I loved helping people get in shape more than competing at MMA.

“I’ve spent years helping men and women of all shapes and sizes to achieve the physique they have been hoping to get for years by simply teaching them the right ways of working out and the right things to put in their body.

“I’ve always been following the CrossFit philosophy, so I am so happy that I am now able to open my own CrossFit box and help even more people.”